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Ebook free Speed Weath - T.Harv Eker

Firstly, it is a simple book. Nothing in all complex about it. Less than 100 pages. While the council is not reasonable, I am sure that some consider it too simple, only on the basis of pages, to be worth all the money. However, I am inclined to believe that good things need not be complex, and just because something is conceptually simple does not mean it is easy to execute in the real world. (In accordance business strategies and discipline, anyone?)

The book talks about the 8 SpeedWealth principles. In short, these principles are [1] develop a mentality SpeedWealth, [2] massive delivery of value, [3] calendar - choose the company at the right time, [4] systematize, [5] doubled, [6] leverage, [7] and cash [8] do it now! As I said, simple. Having gone through several companies failed in the past 10 years or so, I definitely agree that all these are important. It is true that the number 4 is my favorite because it's just that I have had the most problems in the past. I also believe these principles have value at the individual level, and I feel about the automation of all things as investment and financial management (the most reasonable, anyway).

Now, as to whether I recommend this book. The answer is yes. It is not a long or difficult to read. I have read the first time in about 90 minutes, and I read slowly. I know there is someone complains now something - either because HARV is the author, or what they read and do not like, or some other reason. I have nothing to say. I do not think that a good knowledge or wisdom must be complex. Overall, I think that the complexity is used as a coverup of people who are very insecure. I can only speak for myself, and I am seriously considering buying as many copies of the book that makes sense so you can give the garbage to people I know. Simple things that, if applied, can have enormous impact on one's life. I like that.

Anyway, I think Rambler again. Fugger, I'm done. I like you. If you will stumble across a copy, take a reading. Hopefully, if you are working on creating a company, the book will help you find ways to address problems and encourage firms to more quickly, efficiently and at a larger scale. Or maybe you will find applicability of the principles in their personal lives.


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